CFEasyMock v1.2 update

First, I've updated the CFEasyMock download zip to include CF7 again. Unfortunately where I work, the decision to upgrade to CF8 has been held off. Mostly by management, isn't it always?

So much of the work I've actually been able to devote to the package has occured on the CF7 version. Luckily, the primary difference between CF7 and CF8 versions of CFEasyMock lie outside of CFEasyMock itself, in the reflect package. The changes to CF7 were easy to integrate back up to the CF8 version.

Versions prior to 1.2 used a component called ExpectedMethodCall to hold the called method (as a reflect.Method reference) and the argument parameters for that call. Functions of ExpectedMethod call would do the matching to see if the expected and actual calls matched. Since this code is obviously the same for all method calls, it was moved into MockFactory, eliminating the need to create extra components just to perform matching calculations. The changes are completely internal and no unit test code needs to be altered.

Woody's Gravatar Hi. I've just tried to load up the sample test within the MXUnit setup on my machine and hit a problem where the DAOService is trying to pick up a non existent cfc of type gss.common.model.DAO.

As it's my first foray in mock testing it would help out loads to be able to track through the sample in detail. Hope it's an easy fix ...

Many thanks
# Posted By Woody | 9/28/08 3:27 PM
Michael's Gravatar Hey Woody. Sorry for taking so long to respond to your post. I've updated the downloadable file. It's a new version, and the Sample code all works. I've added a few tests that intentionally fail to show the errors that occur.
# Posted By Michael | 12/17/08 2:46 PM
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