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Thread: Mocking response of methods in class under test
Created on: 02/02/10 02:01 AM Replies: 0

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Mocking response of methods in class under test
02/02/10 2:01 AM

I have a situation in which the class under test has a private method that is called inline by the method I'm testing. It performs some logic that doesn't add value to the class under test method and I want to control that inline response. For example classUnderTest.testingThisMethod() calls classUnderTest.inlineCallMethod(). It is not a collaborator method. I want to control the response of the inlineCallMethod() by mocking the response. Can the mixin feature via the Reflect package handle this?

I see that java's easymock calls this "partial mocking".

"Sometimes you may need to mock only some methods of a class and keep the normal behavior of others. This usually happens when you want to test a method that calls some others in the same class. So you want to keep the normal behavior of the tested method and mock the others."

Thanks for any advice you can give.
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