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CFEasyMock Issue: MockFactory expect / expectLastCall confusion

Name: MockFactory expect / expectLastCall confusion
ID: 5
Project: CFEasyMock
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Brian Sadler
Created: 11/14/08 11:58 AM
Updated: 12/15/08 6:31 PM
Description: Using codebase revision #10

I was having lots of trouble adding return values to the mock's method calls as suggested in the documentation (using unordered behavior). Every time I tried using MockFactory.expectLastCall(mockObject).andReturn()... it would have no effect.

Eventually I realised that expectLastCall() was adding a new behavior rather than modifying the existing entry.

Looking at the code history I suspect that the changes made to MockFactory methods expect() and expectLastCall() in changeset 8 have been made in error. Certainly when I revert them everything works!
History: Created by wbsadler (Brian Sadler) : 11/14/08 11:58 AM

Updated by m_steele (Michael Steele) : 12/15/08 6:31 PM
This issue was actually fixed sometime ago, however the SVN repository has not been updated in a while. I will try and get to that this week.

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